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St. Joseph Youth Soccer Association


Schedule for 4/28 is as follows
I realize there are many games where you end/start games at the same time, but remember u8/u10 never use the full hour that they are allocated so please make sure you are transitioning to your new fields on time.

7 9AM Gabriel/Brian
7 1030a Gabriel/Brian
7 1pm Gabriel/Brian
7 3pm Gabriel/SJYSA
7 430pm Gabriel/SJYSA
2 915am Alexis/Kelsie
1B 915am Makayla/Corbin
1A 915am Daniel/Ana/Ben
1A 1030a Alexis/Kelsie/Ben
2 2pm Alexis/Kelsie/Ben
1B 2pm Makayla/Corbin
1A 2pm Daniel/Carter
6B 10am Noah/Evan
6A 1030am Hayden/Matt S
6B 1115am Noah/Evan
6A 1145am Hayden/Matt S
6A 2pm Hayden/Matt S
6B 2pm Karissa/Ella
6A 315pm Hayden/Matt S
6B 315pm Corbin/Kaden
5C 930am Josiah/Peachy
5A 930am Luke R/Kaden
5B 930am Luke C
5D 930am Kalon/Carter
5A 1045am Kalon/Josiah
5C 1pm Ella
8A 1pm Karissa
5A 1pm Ana/Peachy
5B 1pm Josiah
5D 1pm Luke C

PLEASE NOTE:scheduling this year is slightly more difficult with field/time changes so please bare with me and if you notice you are overlapped please let me know asap!! U8 games are scheduled for 1hour slots but only take 40 minutes, so that would not be considered an overlap.
Remember, if you have an emergency, I need to be notified NO LATER than 9pm on Thursday (4/19/18). If games are cancelled due to weather I will post the information on here immediately!! If your name has EVAL by it then you are doing an evaluation (Kelsie, Lexie, Alex, Corbin) and if your name has SHADOW by it (Kelsie, Lexie, Alex, Corbin) then you are shadowing the referee I assign you to.

The referee assignor, Jadeth McCloud, can be reached at 913-951-6131 or by email

Remember to have fun!