St. Joseph Youth Soccer Association


First things first. Bingo is our biggest fundraiser! Participating in Bingo allows our Association to provide soccer play at lower-than-average costs, while continually improving our facility (concrete entrance, restrooms, sprinklers, and more!). We only ask parents to help 1 night each season and only for a couple hours. Click here for FAQ's about Bingo night.

Bingo FAQ's -

Some quick answers about Bingo:

1) Where is the Bingo facility? Bingo is held at "No Place" Address: 3414 S 22nd St. Joseph, Missouri 64503
NOTE: The facility is a non-smoking building.

2) What are the hours you need me to work?  We ask that parent volunteers show up between 5 and 5:30pm.  Usually, those who arrive first are the first to leave.  
Plan on staying until 9pm.

3) What exactly will I be doing at Bingo? The work is simple: sell pull tabs in the booth and on the floor.  You should be comfortable with standing for most of the evening. Many people seem to enjoy helping. The more help we have the more we can sell. The more we sell, the more the Association (your kids) benefits. Bring a friend! The more, the merrier!